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Spot UV Finish for a Spotty Good Look


Everyone is handing around business cards these days. Walk into your local café or fish and chips shop and most likely you will see an array of card sitting on the counter top offering various services from gardening and lawn mowing to finance and loan brokerage.

How to make your business card stand out in the sea of cards?

The keyword here is “finish”. There are plenty of finishes that can be applied on print products. Matt laminate, Gloss laminate, Emboss, Foil and Spot UV are just some of the popular additions that could give a little extra look and feel. Let’s focus on a trending favourite – Spot UV.

What is Spot UV Business Card?

Spot UV Business Card is basically a glossy or shiny coating that is applied to specific areas on the surface of a printed card. Typically, it is used to highlight key elements including logos, images, company name or tag lines.

This particular finish gives a subtle yet rich look, lending your business a classy, elegant appeal.

Things to remember when designing for a Spot UV business card:
– It can darken the colour of the area where the UV coating is applied so factor this in when designing
– You can’t write on this glossy coating, so if you need to write on your card, make sure that side of the card is not varnished

At Discount Printing, we will work with you to help you achieve the right look to stand out enough to impress and generate a positive response. Request a call back or send us your designs to see how we can create your perfect business card.

Spot UV Business Card1

Spot UV Business Card3

Spot UV Business Card2