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While most information is now easily found online, people continue to rely on hard copy print booklets and other how-to manuals that would guide them and offers solutions to seemingly difficult problems. From cooking books to DIY guides, the demand for booklets continues to remain strong, offering easy accessibility and reliability. Discount Printing offers its customers a range of booklet printing solutions which suit a range of business needs and budgets, and print booklets continue to be a popular product. Print booklets can also be used to distribute information about your business, or to promote specific initiatives and activities. A […]

Of all the marketing tools that exist, print flyers can be considered one of the most effective forms of promotional collateral, communicating a wide range of messages to your target audience, without overwhelming them with an influx of information. It’s no wonder then that businesses continue to use flyers as a prominent marketing tool, irrespective of the industry they operate in. From music festivals to advocacy notes, flyers can be used to deliver a diverse range of messages.   Flyer printing is a cost-effective promotion method, when compared to other marketing tools such as TV, radio or newspaper advertising. As […]

Every trade show you attend is an opportunity to expand your company’s customer base. And with the right marketing tools, the impact you make can last long after your stall has been packed away. In fact, play your cards right and you can leave a lasting impression on almost every person who walks your way.   One of the easiest ways to do this is with corporate gifts. Each gift you hand out should have your logo and contact information printed on it. That way, each person that walks away with your offering, walks away a potential customer.   Here […]

Most organisations realise that being the best in the business alone isn’t enough; it’s important to also communicate your strengths and qualities to your target audience, making marketing an important aspect of the business. However, smaller businesses in the market tend to be more reluctant to invest in marketing, since it’s expensive and it’s hard to link them with new sales and increased revenue. The lack of obvious tangible results and sales conversions may make marketing collateral seem like an expensive activity, something that’s best avoided.   However, instead of keeping away from marketing completely, your business can benefit from […]

While we may be living at the height of the digital age, the charm of using business cards isn’t lost on our generation. Getting your own business cards when you start your first job is always accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. It is a sign that you’re ready for the professional phase of your life, and that’s an incredible feeling. But there’s more to business card printing than the sentiments that they evoke. They come with a host of benefits not just for the individual, but also for the organisation that they work with.   Perhaps one of the […]

As a restaurant owner, your attention is most likely on these three areas of the business (and approximately a million more): Getting people through your door. Making sure your food is top notch. Getting that food into your customers’ bellies as quickly as possible. But what if we told you that there is an important point missing from the above list? It would fall in between points two and three, and it is this: Ensuring your customers place their orders in a timely and seamless fashion. Why does this matter you ask? Well, if your customers place their orders quicker, […]

Ahhh Facebook. The land of mouth-watering recipe videos (chocolate poke-cake anyone?), ambiguous status updates, and forgotten event invites. If you’re anything like us, you currently have a number of Facebook events waiting for you to respond with a ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably forget to respond to a number of these. Not because you’re a cold-hearted human with no regard for RSVP dates – although there IS a special place in hell for those people – but simply because these invites haven’t grabbed your attention enough for you to remember to respond. Totally […]

The most common gift given for Easter is the chocolate egg. In fact, it’s been this way for a while – the first chocolate Easter eggs appeared in the 1800s. These were not the chocolate eggs of today – they were gritty and bitter – but eventually Cadbury stepped in, and in 1905, the first milk chocolate egg was…hatched. But why on earth do we give eggs? Why not chocolate trees or dogs? Well, it’s because the egg was (and still is) viewed as a symbol of new life and fertility. Like a green-filled spring after a long, dark winter, […]

Trade shows can be traced back to the days of medieval Europe where farmers and craftsmen travelled across the lands on the backs of horses to display their offerings. Yep, the notion of trade shows is old. Over 500 years old. Since then, things have changed – trade shows can take the form of small, intimate street swaps, or enormous multi-million dollar exhibitions. Oh and most people have ditched the saddles for car seats. While our modes of transport have changed, the key concept behind trade shows remains the same: it’s all about marketing your product in the most attractive […]

2017 is closer than you think! It’s never too early to think about a creative and colourful calendar for next year. Not only will it brighten up any office or home, but a calendar is an incredibly effective marketing tool for your customers as your branding will be prominent throughout the entire 12 months! Get in NOW before the rush! When you order your calendars from Discount Printing, not only do you get great pricing in Australia; you are also completely in control of the design and style of your custom calendar: Upload a collection of your favourite photos/images for […]