Booklet Printing

Booklet printing
  • Full colour printing for maximum presentation
  • A4 size for plentiful product information
  • A6 & DL for economy & mass mail reach
  • Numerous stock & sizes accommodated
  • Laminating & varnishing available
  • Ideal for new promotional products
  • Fantastic print quality and inexpensive
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Print Booklets Online

Booklets are a great tool to distribute information about your business or any other activity that would benefit from publicity. Discount Printing stands apart from other printers due to our extensive experience in the field and our ability to accommodate a range of sizes and styles, complemented by our everyday cheap prices for booklet printing. We also complete print orders quickly, ensuring you meet your deadlines.

As far as the best method to follow for getting the most out of your print booklet, we offer the following advice:

Organise your information: Since you're printing a booklet, you need to organise all your information in a manner that would make sense to the reader, while also being easy on the eyes. An information overload would bore the reader and they will be less likely to continue reading your booklet. Bucket information under relevant sections and avoid printing too much information on individual pages. Use pictures in your booklet to provide a break between paragraphs and sections.

Use high-resolution images: Low resolution images print poorly and affect the overall quality of your booklet in the process. You need to ensure your print booklets make the best possible impression so you can see valuable results out of it. While organising photoshoots may not be the most cost-effective solution for your business, you could instead purchase stock imagery that is relevant to the contents in your booklet. Stock images are professionally shot and available to purchase at reasonable prices, making them a suitable alternative.

Intriguing cover: Although we are told to not judge a book by its cover, they inevitably make a strong impression on us. A good first impression ensures people are interested in reading the booklet and finding out more about your business. Your front cover must comprise a mix of appealing pictures and a few short key messages you would like to communicate, much like a magazine front cover. Ensure your front cover artwork stands out and sparks curiosity, so your audience is more inclined to read the print booklet.

Discount Printing offers a range of discounts on yearbook and booklet printing services. Call us or chat live to know more about the best deal we can offer you.

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