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Make Your Surface with Pull up Banners


What do you do when you need to use a poster but don’t have a wall to hang it on? Printing a pull up banner is the answer! Now, when you need to go large but don’t have a surface to support your printed material, you can make your own!

Printed pull up banners are created in full colour using polypropylene paper, which is highly resistant to scratches and wear – making them perfect for continued use. Their durability makes them a reliable, long-term investment for your business.

Extendable Format, Expanded Printing Options!

Pull up banners can be created to suit the needs of your business. Discount pull up banners are great for use inside of a store or for conferences where time-sensitive information will be displayed. They are a perfect choice for holiday promotions, special events, and sales.

Premium pull up banners are also great for displaying information inside a store, and are ideal for use outside or near your store such as in a thoroughfare or arcade. They are also perfect for long-term use in conferences and tradeshows.

One of the biggest advantages pull up banners have over standard posters is that they can utilise both sides of the print, due to standing on their own. You can provide the same information on both sides, ensuring you get people coming and going or viewing your booth at a tradeshow from either direction. You can also print different information on either side, allowing you to get double the marketing and promotion effort out of your print.

Durability and Portability Combined

Pull up banners use a brushed aluminium base, which is not only light and compact but strong. Since the banner is literally pulled up from the base, the entire package can be stored and carried with a supplied carry bag when not in use. The printed material is protected, easily transported, and is able to be set up quickly.

At Discount Printing, we will help you stand out from the crowd by providing you with all of your pull up banner needs. Call us today to discuss your project with our experienced consultants to discover the best banner for your business.