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Five Facts about Printed Brochures

Printed Brochures are an excellent way to promote your business. Aside from being a helpful tool to summarise the services you offer there are also many lesser-known benefits to using printed brochures and this article hopes to introduce you to FIVE of them.

1. Stay on your customers mind.

A printed brochure is a fantastic tangible product that people should want to keep in their hands. A good brochure will stay on people’s minds and if they don’t need your services initially they should be more likely to remember you when they do.

2. The DL Brochure

It’s amazing what you can do with a piece of paper and the same goes for brochures.

Want to fit a lot into a little and save some money? Then a DL Brochure is the perfect idea. An A4 sheet of paper folded into three panels and then closed can fit a lot of information and is perfect for mailing. Want to capture personal details? Perforate one of the panels and invite customers to mail it back to you.

3. More Than Just Paper

The Paper you print on can say a lot about you and no matter your needs their exists a paper for you. Picking the right paper stock can add the extra touch you need to drive home your message. Gloss is great for bright and bold, Matt for professional or corporate and uncoated for progressive and environmentally friendly.

4. A Place To Call Home

Once you have your brochures printed you need to find them a home. Don’t look past direct mailing. Sending them with a personalised cover letter direct to your existing or prospective customers can make a fantastic impression. When they see something personally addressed to them you will have gotten in front of their eyes and are more likely to stay on their mind.

If you prefer to distribute your brochures face to face, you may want to consider presentation folders. Capture multiple brochures, flyers and your business cards in a neat and attractive package they cannot misplace.

5. Think Outside the Square

Brochure printing can come in more shapes and sizes then your standard rectangle and squares folded in half. Pick up a blank sheet of paper and play around with different shapes and folds, chances are if you can make it with your hands we can replicate it on mass. Ask us today on 1300 663 120 about realizing your ‘outside the square’ vision.

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