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The Only 5 Logo Design Tips You Need To Know

If you’re interested in building brand awareness (which you should be), then logo design should be at the top of your mind (which it obviously is if you’re reading this). There’s a lot of pressure to get your company or organisation’s logo right; how can one little piece of writing or symbol represent everything you stand for?

We’ve put together 5 show-stopping tips that will get you on the right track towards creating the perfect, timeless logo design.

1. Colour me happy

Most people don’t realise how much power comes with the responsibility of colour choice. It’s not just about finding a hue you like; according to The Logo Company’s very informative piece on the Psychology of Color in Logo Design, there’s quite a bit more to it!

This emotion guide pretty much covers it:

Psychology Of Colour

2. Decide on Logotype vs. Symbol

There are a lot of decisions you need to make when thinking of your logo design, but the two core ones follow what your brand name is. If you have a unique, interesting brand name, you can go for a logo that pretty much just highlights your name – also known as a “logotype” design. If you have a more generic name, you might need to think about what kind of symbol you can use to differentiate your brand and make sure it still sticks in the minds of consumers.
Logotype design examples that let their brand names do the talking:

Coca Cola logo design

Fedex Logo Design

Samsung logo

Symbols you might recognise thanks to powerful logo designing:

Apple Logo

Nike logoShell logo

3. Flexibility is key

There are so many different mediums out there now, that it’s become paramount for your logo to work for every situation. Printed on paper? It should pop. All across your website? It should stand out. Wherever your logo design is, it should fit.

Also take into consideration how your logo will look at different sizes. Can it be shrunk into an icon and still have the same impact? If it’s printed large-scale will it still look great? All of these questions should be on your mind.

4. Think outside the norm

Spartan golf logos

Lion Logo Design

Inequality Logo Design

5. Simplicity isn’t overrated

Without rehashing examples already used in this article, some of the most famous logos are incredibly simple. The Nike tick, the Apple, er, apple, the Twitter bird… all of these and more have kept to the basics but yet they probably sprung straight to your mind when listed off.

That’s the power of a well-designed logo. And now that you have the tools to create your own killer logo design, why not talk to the team at Discount Printing to print marketing material to show off your new branding? Contact us today!