Which is best: one-sided or two-sided business cards?

With a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes to choose from, there are so many design decisions to be made in developing a business card. Then, you’ve also got to consider whether the design appears on one—or both—sides of the card.

No matter what you decide, there are multiple things to consider when choosing whether one side or two is best for you and your business.

Business cards can be one of the most important and effective tools you can have in your belt—especially when designed right. However, we know that choosing the right business card can be tricky; especially when it comes to utilising the space available.

If you’re faced with the decision of choosing whether to print on one side or both, here are a few thigs to consider so that you can make a lasting first impression.

An example of a businesscard with two sides.

Single-sided business cards

Sometimes, less is more. A single-sided business card can pack enough punch with just one hit. You can display all relevant information clearly and concisely from the minute you lay your eyes on it. Your business and contact details, like your name, email, logo, and contact number are front and centre.

Another bonus to single-sided business cards: more room for activities! If you leave enough blank space on the back side of your business card, you create a space for people to take notes. This allows them to write down any specific or additional important information that hasn’t already been captured.

On the flip side, if someone decides to keep your business card and display it in a folder, holder, or take a photo for later, there is a high chance they’ll store it with then front side facing up. If you want someone to have quick and easy access to your information—one-sided design triumphs two.

If you’re in need for some cost-effective options, then single sided business cards are your lottery ticket when it comes to expenses. Printing on one side reduces any additional labour and print costs that might be involved.

A single sided businesscard.

Double sided business cards

Single-sided business cards have a lot of positives—but double-sided business cards mean double the space, information, and sometimes, double the fun! Now, that’s not to say there won’t be double the work, but if designed effectively, your business card can prove to be a valuable marketing asset when it comes to your business.

There might be an increased cost for double-sided business cards, but there is increased value created—for both you and the receiver. Good use of the space can make your card memorable: whether it’s a map with directions to your business locations, or a QR code that takes you to a webpage filled with additional information on the back, creating value and providing the right information will benefit you in the long run.

A double sided businesscard.

So, how do you decide?

In the battle of the business cards, both single-sided and double-sided cards have a role to play—it just depends on what is best for your business needs at the time. Hopefully, this article has given you a few things to consider when it comes to making the decision. If you’re still weighing up between single or double, why not have both? Printing a combination of cards allows you to test the waters until you find what is best for you and your business needs.

If you’re looking to lean on our expertise—or you don’t have the skills or experience to design your own business card—get in touch with us today or call 1300 663 120. We offer a team of in-house designers, ready and waiting to bring your brightest ideas to life (now that you’re an expert on business card design!).