What are Spot UV Business Cards?

Spot UV on your business card or printed marketing material can help your organisation stand out from the crowd.

What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is a coating option and finishing technique we can apply to your business card. UV coating is transparent, making it stand out against uncoated stock, as it adds a high-gloss finish to selected parts of your design. Spot UV coatings are usually applied to business cards, but can also be used on brochures, flyers, presentation folders, and other branded material.

The ‘Spot’ part of Spot UV means that coating is applied to a specific area of a business card, instead of covering the card’s entire surface. This means that you can select where the coating is applied within your design, and ensure it highlights a unique aspect of your brand or business.

An example of this could be adding a Spot UV coating to a background element or pattern for added texture—or coating the name or logo of your business for emphasis.

Spot UV Business Cards

The benefits of Spot UV business cards

Applying a Spot UV coating to your business card or marketing material offers a few benefits for your business:

Emphasise your business and brand through design

The Spot UV technique adds a premium look and feel to your business cards. The clear coating ensures the business card is smooth to the touch and provides a glossy finish to unique areas of the design.

Additional protection against wear and tear

Spot UV also offers additional protection to the card itself. Generally applied as a thick coating, the varnished areas provide a hardier finish against wear and tear. The coating also protects the integrity of the ink, design, and colours.

How is Spot UV applied?

Spot UV is applied to business cards, brochures, and other marketing material using a method that varies from printer to printer. The general method is as follows:

  • Sheets are set up for printing the custom design.
  • To ensure the Spot UV coating is only applied to a specific section of the design, a thin film is placed over the sheet to ensure that only the cut-out sections are coated.
  • UV varnish is spread across the die-cut template of the business card.
  • This results in a crisp line between the UV coating and the business card stock—creating the signature visual and textural contrast of Spot UV finishes.

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At Discount Printing we offer premium quality Spot UV business card printing on thick 420gsm artboard. With a range of customisable options, our printers have the flexibility to cater for varying colours and coat one or both sides of your business cards with Spot UV.

You can supply us with your own design or our team of design experts can help prepare print-ready artwork, or create your business card in consultation with you!

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