Custom calendar printing—how does it work?

Why print a custom calendar?

When searching for the perfect gift or looking for a way to create something special, a customised calendar ensures your branding, corporate messages or favourite photos stay front of mind—day in, day out, and all year long.

Both practical and playful, customised calendars can be displayed almost anywhere. Place them on your desk, stick them on your fridge at home or simply hang on the wall. They are great way to share milestone moments for your business and place your company message into the daily lives of your clients.

When it comes to creating a customised calendar, personalisation is key. In the same way you’d craft a photo album, the photos you choose will tell a story, share a fond memory, or remind you and your clients of important moments and milestones throughout the year.

There are endless options when it comes to crafting your next twelve months and at Discount Printing, we’ve designed and produced thousands of custom-made calendars for all everyone. Today, we share some tips as to how you can craft your own.

Wall calendar example

Here's how it works:

Upload your favourite photos

To create your personalised calendar, simply upload your favourite photos or images and assign them to a month. Whether these are from your phone, Facebook page, your computer or scanned from a photo album, simply upload your chosen photos in just a few clicks.

Choose your design

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you’ll be able to design your calendar however you like. You’re in complete control of the design and style. Add in key dates or choose from a range of backgrounds and add flourishes for a personal and unique touch that sets your business out from the rest.

However, if your calendar adds another marketing element to your brand, it’s important to keep it consistent for your clients. While it’s easy to get carried away, your calendar should look like the rest of your marketing and branded material. Try to use the same themes, colours, and fonts—consistency will ensure you’re maintaining a great rapport with your clients and will help to encourage repeat transactions.

If you’re needing additional help to craft your calendar, Discount Printings free design consultation service will help you create something unique to showcase your strength and personality, so that you can always brighten up desks, offices, or create a personalised gifts for friends or clients.

Find your fit

No matter the size, your calendar choice help you plan the year ahead. With a variety of sizes, finishes and bindings, it’s important that you print the calendar to fit your business needs.

  • Desktop calendars are always in reach—which means your branding and favourite photos will always be in view.
  • Flat wall calendars allow you to create something that will stick and ensure your photos are securely stitched in the one place until the years end.
  • Wirobound calendars create the space for your customers or loved ones to jot down notes and plan their life in the presence of your logo, product shots, or memorable moments.
  • Fridge magnet calendars ensure that your customer or family members will have no trouble keeping track of their days.

With options ranging from A6 to A3, you can create a year full of magic and inspiration in every shape, size, and finish, with binding options to match!

Calendar examples

Place your order!

Now that you understand some of the steps associated with different creating a personalised calendar, you’re better placed to select one that connects with the right audiences and or loved ones. Simply hit submit on your order and wait for you professionally printed calendar to arrive so that you can plan your year ahead.

If you’re looking to lean on our expertise—or you don’t have the skills or experience to design your own calendar—get in touch with us today or call 1300 663 120. We offer a team of in-house designers, ready and waiting to bring your brightest ideas to life.