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Let me first begin by telling you there is nothing humble about your, mine or anyone else’s business card, It is who we are and what we do after all but that is not what this story is about…  Oh no! The Day our Sales Culture changed forever…. Being a Printing Company we live for doing all kinds of print jobs from a small run of 250 business cards for $39 to a large booklet run of 100,000 Saddle-stitched Booklets and it is true that the more experienced Guys in my Sales Team tended to take care of their biggest […]

The age of the internet has changed all our lives in so many ways, From how we socialize with friends to how we work on a daily basis. Having access to information immediately on the web has been a real game-changer for humanity and a massive ‘disruptor’ for the world of business as we have known it. The World of Offset and Digital Printing is no stranger to the Internet disruption. The Printing Industry was once full of many trades and crafts which are on the cusp of disappearing and were considered highly skilled roles in the production process. Prepress […]

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… right? Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, especially when you’re in charge of organising a nice end of year surprise for your employees or clients. Before you start cursing this beloved holiday, though, check out these simple tips for ordering your personalised business christmas cards and see if we can just turn that Grinch frown upside down! Think about your target audience: that’s right, the whole target market thing transcends beyond your business model. It works for planning your Christmas cards, too. This can be as simple as the kind of […]

  If you or someone you know is trying to manage print ordering across multiple offices or in an organisation with more than 10 employees then our FREE Online Print Kiosk is the simple solution. The benefits of Print Kiosk will save you time and money: •  Easy Online Personalisation •  Press Ready Artwork Every Time •  Simple Re-ordering •  Built Around Your Brand’s Guidelines •  Unique User Accounts •  Access Detailed Reports About Your Spending To request a FREE Print Kiosk call our print experts today on 1300 663 120 or email [email protected]     •  Log-in using your […]

Bulk Printing with Discount Printing Bulk Printing is the print industries best kept secret. Find yourself ordering the same printed items frequently? Consider printing in bulk and you could save big time. In commercial printing the cost of an individual unit decreases the more copies you order so you can actually save by ordering more. How does this work? The cost of buying paper and running a printing press is scaled, which means the higher the volume the cheaper it costs to produce an individual unit. This means we can pass our manufacturing savings on to you. The best savings […]

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so too there is more than one way to bind book. Knowing how you want a book bound before you design it can save painful minutes redoing your work to achieve the requirements of a particular binding style. Our guide to Book Binding types is a must read before you submit your next book or booklet printing order. Saddle Stitching The pages are collated together and then stapled in the middle to hold them together. Best used for booklets with a small number of pages (8-32 […]

Business Card Printing Tips In this day and age of Social Media and Search Engines it’s easy to forget the importance of face-to-face marketing. Handing someone your business card can still have a big impact.  We don’t want you to waste your chance to make a big impression so here are five tips to consider before your next Business Card printing order. 1. Keep your cards in a box and take them with you only when you need them. Cards will begin to fray and damage if kept in a wallet for a long period of time. 2.  Get your […]

Printed Brochures are an excellent way to promote your business. Aside from being a helpful tool to summarise the services you offer there are also many lesser-known benefits to using printed brochures and this article hopes to introduce you to FIVE of them. 1. Stay on your customers mind. A printed brochure is a fantastic tangible product that people should want to keep in their hands. A good brochure will stay on people’s minds and if they don’t need your services initially they should be more likely to remember you when they do. 2. The DL Brochure It’s amazing what […]

  Do you know the difference between CMYK colours and RGB colours? In this article we’ll explain the key differences between RGB and CMYK and why knowing the difference is so important. If you’re unfamiliar with CMYK and RGB or don’t understand why knowing about them is so important this article is for you! What does CMYK stand for? Cyan Magenta Yellow and Key. What does the Key in CMYK stand for? Key refers to the colour Black, it is known as Key because during printing the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are keyed or aligned in relation to it. What […]

Professional printers will often ask you for details when you submit your order for business cards. Here are some of the key terms to keep in mind when ordering your professional business cards: CMYK/RGB Colour: CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. RGB stands for red, green, and blue – Each is a type of colour profile. Most printing companies print using the CMYK process whereas most monitors and graphics programs are set to use RGB. This can cause colour fluctuations in the finished product. Card Stock: The term ‘card stock’ refers to the thickness of the paper the […]