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As you may have already noticed, we’ve been doing some work on the site. We hope it hasn’t interfered with your shopping for great cheap paper products, and we apologize if it has. Rest assured, we’re nearly done! We think our renovations have made shopping with Discount Printing easier than ever, and we plan to continue chasing that goal. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you: what do you think of our new look? Please let us know how we can make Australia’s #1 cheap online printing shop even better! Tweet

Business cards remain to be an incredibly important and effective tool in networking, marketing your brand and getting your name out there. But just having a business card isn’t enough; you need to know the laws of the land if you want to make sure you’re sending the right message and first impression with yours… Design This one is an obvious one, but still people seem to get it wrong. If you’re not an expert in design, it’s well worth the investment or time to get someone in the know to have a look, but there are a few key […]

If you’re interested in building brand awareness (which you should be), then logo design should be at the top of your mind (which it obviously is if you’re reading this). There’s a lot of pressure to get your company or organisation’s logo right; how can one little piece of writing or symbol represent everything you stand for? We’ve put together 5 show-stopping tips that will get you on the right track towards creating the perfect, timeless logo design. 1. Colour me happy Most people don’t realise how much power comes with the responsibility of colour choice. It’s not just about […]

It’s coming to that time of year again, when we gather with friends and family for excessive eating, plenty of cheer and maybe one or two small tiffs (all in love, of course). Christmas feels like a magical time of the year for most, but there are still many people living in developing countries who don’t get to experience this in the same way we do. Imagine children missing out on the joy of finding presents under the tree left by Santa, or not even being able to comprehend the thought of “eating too much” so that you need that […]

Knowing how to create print ready Business Cards, is easy with Free Business Card Templates from Discount Printing. Our goal is to make life as simple as possible for our customers. With this in mind we have created a number Business Card Templates for you to place your designed artwork into… all to the print specifications required so the business card printing can then happen immediately once you have ordered and be gotten onto our printing presses with no going back and forth for client sign-off. Just log-on to and choose which file format you would like to download, […]

Undoubtedly, Booklet Printing and Catalogue Printing is still one of the most popular forms of advertising with which to get your Products and Services noticed by potential customers. Just check out large multi Billion dollar business Chemist Warehouse and Harvery Norman. These guys are 2 of the biggest retailers in Australia and invest massively in Marketing, through all channels. For example they are never far away from Online Google Advertising, Footy Sponsorship, Radio and TV Advertising. They both have their own specific ‘jingle’ which we all have swimming around in our head every day. Long before these 2 businesses became […]

When any business decides to buy Colour presentation folders, they are making a strong statement about themselves. This decision reflects your intention to pursue customers in a focused manner where you will have precious information to share and give to your clients which will be invaluable in forming a strong relationship. You or your Sales Staff will be going into meetings, all geared up with your oral presentation ready and your printed brochures and letters at the ready, inside your newly printed custom presentation folders. Long after you have had your meeting, the presentation folder will be the one physical […]

DL Marketing Cards are undoubtedly one of the most important ways in which to capture your customers attention. Printed on a thick card they tend to have a short life and can have that extra finish when you give them a Gloss or Matt Laminate. Customers who sell a quality Product or Service understand the value of investing in Cheap DL Cards Printing. Yes it may cost a little more than Printing Flyers, however the return on investment is usually significantly more also, quite simply because of the ‘look and feel’ of the card printing. Over the years we have […]

Here in Discount Printing we are continuing to innovate, we have spent many months reviewing our best practice methods of printing manufacturing and nationwide delivery to ensure we continue to deliver to our customers Top Quality Cheap Brochure Printing with a fast and accurate turnaround time. Brochure Printing is undoubtedly the favoured print medium Businesses use when wanting to share quite a bit of information about their product, service and indeed business history to date.  Businesses usually want quality brochure printing as the investment they are making in portraying their business to customers, is very significant and you will want […]

Cheap Flyer Printing The Team in Discount Printing know Flyers and Leaflets are still yet to be surpassed as the best method of communication for Small & Medium Sized Businesses. The whole idea behind cheap flyer printing is to get your message out fast and directly to your immediate target market with no messing around or high capital expenditure. Many businesses may be experiencing business to be a little flat and just want to drum up a few extra orders or they may have a new product to launch or a specific Special Offer with an expiry date. You get […]