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Brochures  an often overlooked piece of marketing until you are looking for something. You can find them at most shops, cafes, offices, train stations and even clinics. Though they are always present, you never actually pick one up until you need some information that the brochure is advertising. Why does a doctor’s clinic need a brochure? Brochures can carry much more information than a simple flyer. Tell your patients about a new health regime they should undertake. For example “Exercising for mental and physical wellbeing” or “Get the flu shot before the flu shoots you”. These brochure prints can contain […]


Has your Veterinary Practice introduced new services recently? Do you need to remind your customers about why their pets love visiting you? A pull up banner is just the tool for the job Why do I need  Pull Up Banners? A pull-up banner’s large format printing have significant advantages. It helps with reinforcement of a message. For example, “Dental Health Awareness in Pets” or “Vaccination to combat infectious and fatal diseases”. These are useful reminders for pet owners who bring their animals to your clinic. Pull up banners are also versatile advertising product that can be used indoor and outside. Discount […]

In today’s competitive market, a business which stands out from the clutter is able to grow faster. One of the ways to grab attention is by using Embossed Business Cards. Whilst a simple idea, this style of business card helps showcase your business during your introduction. In addition to sharing your details, an embossed business card is able to provide a unique look and feel. Scientifically, physical touch is linked to making impactful new connections. This may be the key factor which reminds your customers about your business in the future.   Stand out, style, attention to detail and overall […]

The current financial year is at its business end. It’s time for businesses to evaluate the performance and plan ahead for the next financial year. The question is, what are the things to focus for the next financial year? Planning promotional materials well can be effective for a business. One of the key elements to promote your business include brochures. With the popularity of the digital platform, businesses often think if they should invest in brochures printing. However, brochures are vital lead acquiring tools and can be highly effective in promoting your business face-to-face to your potential customers. Even today, […]

Business Cards

Use of Business Cards dates back to the late 1800’s. A business card contains information about a company or individual. It helps in having a formal introduction and sharing all relevant contact details for the person to take away. Even today, business cards are considered one of the important tools of making new contacts with potential customers, employees & investors. With the advancement of technology in the last decade, people often wonder if business cards are still relevant. Enclosed are the top 5 reasons your brand should invest in business cards – Sharing a business card is a personal skill […]


One of the best printed materials for businesses is the postcard. Often called marketing cards or promo cards, it is the humble champion of small and big companies alike. Impactful, affordable and easy to distribute, they will always be an integral tool for reaching your audience – and this is especially true around the holidays. Timing Is Everything People are out more before and during holidays, whether it’s to buy presents, champagne or treats. More traffic in stores and venues means more eyes – and hands – on your promo cards. They have more bags to carry and therefore more […]

No matter the scope of a business, printed presentation folders are essential for maintaining a professional appearance. For pitches, development and sales meetings, custom folders maximise branding and reinforce the serious nature of any project. Presentation Folders for Small Businesses Sole traders and freelancers who do contract work can stand out from the crowd by using presentation folders printed with their logo. It shows dedication to personal brand and a drive for success that simply won’t be felt with a stock folder. There’s no better way to submit a project proposal or deliver reports and work outlines. When you’re your […]

When it comes to large size printing, there is nothing quite as iconic and versatile as the poster. We spot them easily in high traffic areas, we buy them to hang (sometimes framed!) in our homes, and when they are used as promotional material at trade shows and events we love rolling them up to take home. Posters in the Past, Present, and Future The poster was one of the earliest forms of advertisement. Early poster sizes influenced the progression of type design and illustrative styles because they were meant to be seen and read from a distance. It’s no […]


What do you do when you need to use a poster but don’t have a wall to hang it on? Printing a pull up banner is the answer! Now, when you need to go large but don’t have a surface to support your printed material, you can make your own! Printed pull up banners are created in full colour using polypropylene paper, which is highly resistant to scratches and wear – making them perfect for continued use. Their durability makes them a reliable, long-term investment for your business. Extendable Format, Expanded Printing Options! Pull up banners can be created to […]

  Everyone is handing around business cards these days. Walk into your local café or fish and chips shop and most likely you will see an array of card sitting on the counter top offering various services from gardening and lawn mowing to finance and loan brokerage. How to make your business card stand out in the sea of cards? The keyword here is “finish”. There are plenty of finishes that can be applied on print products. Matt laminate, Gloss laminate, Emboss, Foil and Spot UV are just some of the popular additions that could give a little extra look […]