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Why print business cards for your company?

While we may be living at the height of the digital age, the charm of using business cards isn’t lost on our generation. Getting your own business cards when you start your first job is always accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. It is a sign that you’re ready for the professional phase of your life, and that’s an incredible feeling. But there’s more to business card printing than the sentiments that they evoke. They come with a host of benefits not just for the individual, but also for the organisation that they work with.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of business card printing is the credibility it provides to your employees and business as a whole. Business cards function as a piece of card paper that identifies your company and your employee, further validating their role. Business cards also evoke trustworthiness and reliability in a business, due to the prestige value that has conventionally been associated with it. A company’s credibility may be mentally questioned by a potential new client when employees are unable to provide a business card when asked for one, especially in the sales and marketing or banking industry.


Bearing in mind the credibility that is associated with business cards, it comes as no surprise then that they also double up as a smart branding exercise. Printed on good quality card paper, they contain the most important information, which includes the company name and logo. Since clients and customers don’t discard business cards as easily, your contact information is easily accessible for them, while also creating a top of the mind recall for them. By sharing your business cards with them, you increase the chances of them getting in touch with you for your services, since they have your contact details within easy reach.


Business card printing is also an economical exercise, where you end up with collateral that is portable due to its small, handy sizing. As a result, your employees can distribute them freely when making new business contacts, while also carrying them around wherever they go. The opportunities to make new business contacts are endless, and networking opportunities exist where you least expect them to be. In such a scenario, it’s important to have your business cards ready and on your person as often as possible, so you reduce the chances of missing a potential new sale or business connection. Making new contacts is always good for the business, so why miss the opportunity?


Finally, since business cards printing doesn’t take too long to complete, you can also commission smaller orders to promoted limited period events or promotions. Hence, while one side of the card will comprise all the basic contact information, the other side can include information about discounts that your clients and customers can make use of in the near future, increasing the chances of new sales conversions.


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