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Bulk Printing with Discount Printing will save you money!

Bulk Printing Solutions

Bulk Printing with Discount Printing

Bulk Printing is the print industries best kept secret. Find yourself ordering the same printed items frequently? Consider printing in bulk and you could save big time.

In commercial printing the cost of an individual unit decreases the more copies you order so you can actually save by ordering more.

How does this work?

The cost of buying paper and running a printing press is scaled, which means the higher the volume the cheaper it costs to produce an individual unit. This means we can pass our manufacturing savings on to you.

The best savings can be found when bulk printing from files that are likely to not need updating for long periods of time.

Letterheads, With Compliment Slips and Envelopes are the most common items that are ordered in bulk for the highest savings. If you find you yourself reordering these items for your business more than once a year then bulking printing is the perfect solution.

Want to order bulk printing but don’t have the space to store what could be a dozen or more boxes of print?

At Discount Printing we can offer storage solutions for your bulk print orders. You can keep only what you need with you and we can look after the rest at our secure warehouse facility. We can deliver to you what you need when you need it and provide reporting on quantity levels in stock so you know when to reorder.

Call us on 1300 663 120 or email [email protected] and ask one of our sale consultants about bulk printing or how we can store your printed collateral in our secure warehouse and deliver to you as you need it.