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Top 5 reasons why you should invest in Business Cards

Use of Business Cards dates back to the late 1800’s. A business card contains information about a company or individual. It helps in having a formal introduction and sharing all relevant contact details for the person to take away. Even today, business cards are considered one of the important tools of making new contacts with potential customers, employees & investors. With the advancement of technology in the last decade, people often wonder if business cards are still relevant.

Enclosed are the top 5 reasons your brand should invest in business cards –

  • Sharing a business card is a personal skill – It is an important skill indeed. When you meet someone for the first time, after receiving your business card the person automatically creates an impression of you in his mind. This is something that the digital medium is not able to replicate. This first impression can result in being the only element which helps in taking the relationship for your business forward. It is very unusual to get a similar response through an email or message online.


  • Adds a professional touch – Whether it’s a business or an individual, a business card equates them to being professional. A business card adds credibility and gives them a top of the mind recall in the customer’s mind. Not having a business card would be a lost opportunity for businesses on multiple counts.


  • Convenient – Business cards are extremely portable and easily legible. As a result of this, it is very convenient to hand them out & carry them in a wallet, pocket or purse.


  • A Platform to display creativity – A business card can be customised as required by a business. Depending on the industry and type of business, there are endless types of business cards that can be created. Creative business cards like cards with unusual sizes, matte finish, glossy and UV prints are unique. They immediately attract the person who is handed over the card. Also, if you hand over a creative business card that makes a great impression, that person is likely to show it to other people.


  • Business cards have no downtime – Unlike the issues with technology, business cards will never stop doing their work. They’re never inaccessible because of dead spots or Internet outages. You can count on them at a remote location even in situations where cell phones and other digital devices do not work.


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