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Tips to create effective brochures for the next financial year

The current financial year is at its business end. It’s time for businesses to evaluate the performance and plan ahead for the next financial year. The question is, what are the things to focus for the next financial year? Planning promotional materials well can be effective for a business. One of the key elements to promote your business include brochures. With the popularity of the digital platform, businesses often think if they should invest in brochures printing. However, brochures are vital lead acquiring tools and can be highly effective in promoting your business face-to-face to your potential customers.

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Even today, businesses invest in events like trade shows and seminars to reach out to potential customers. In such an event, if you are meeting someone face-to-face for the first time, a well-designed brochure becomes a take away for them & can remind your prospect of the services you offer. The advantage of brochures is that it acts as an immediate source of instant information for the customers. The possibility of your customers logging on to your website to read more about your business will vary depending on their interest. But with brochures, people tend to read them. This way, you can easily avoid the first barrier of getting your customer’s attention.

At that stage, the conversion depends on how effective the following 3 elements are –

Impressive Design – An impressive design brings alive your business message that you want to share with your customers. It is very important that the design compliments your brand’s characteristics (like colour, logo, theme and font). The brochure needs to include high resolution pictures of the product/ service offered by the business which can grab the attention of your customer. Getting your brochure designed by an expert designer is recommended and working with a brochure printing company can help save time & money.

Relevant Content – The amount & quality of content is critical for a brochure. Ensure that only the relevant information is added. The prospective customers will be looking to know about your product or service, its features & advantages. The focus of the content should be on the need that the customers have for your product or service. For example – A car servicing business would talk about their various offerings which will ensure the customer’s car is maintained and does not break down during a journey. Use of innovative graphs & infographics instead of explaining only in words is also very effective.

Use a strong call to action – The goal behind creating marketing materials is to educate the prospective customers about the brand and get them to the next phase of the sales cycle. Even if the brochure is very attractive & manages to grab the customers attention, without a call for action it becomes ineffective. ‘Call us for a free estimate’ or ‘visit our website to order now’ – are some examples of a good call to action message. A good call to action tells the customer exactly what you need them to do next. It also stands out from the rest of the content so that they can’t miss it.

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