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Take down your trade show competition with a professionally printed pull up banner

Trade shows can be traced back to the days of medieval Europe where farmers and craftsmen travelled across the lands on the backs of horses to display their offerings. Yep, the notion of trade shows is old. Over 500 years old. Since then, things have changed – trade shows can take the form of small, intimate street swaps, or enormous multi-million dollar exhibitions. Oh and most people have ditched the saddles for car seats.

While our modes of transport have changed, the key concept behind trade shows remains the same: it’s all about marketing your product in the most attractive way possible to secure the most customers possible. Medieval Europe may have called for you to make your own signage using sheep’s hide parchment and carbon ink, but you can thank the pagan gods for technology and evolution because things are different now. And by different we mean better. And easier.

One of the most effective ways to captivate a customer’s attention in this day and age is a pull up banner. They’re easy to set up, free standing, portable, and re-useable. Here are six things to keep in mind when designing yours:

  1. THE MESSAGE - Are you selling your product/service OR wanting a few Facebook likes? Start with what you want to achieve and build your banner from there. If you’re wanting to grow your social media presence, include links to your pages and an incentive to visit said pages. If you want to sell a new product, clearly outline features and benefits.
  2. GET TO THE POINT - Whatever message you choose to convey, do so in the least number of words possible. You have seconds to get your customer’s attention. Being concise is key.
  3. MESSAGE PLACEMENT - Where is your banner going to sit? Out in the open or behind a sales counter? Think about its position in your set-up and ensure the most important text is at the eye-level of passers-by and not hidden from view.
  4. TOP IT OFF – Your company details and logo should feature at the top of the banner so that they are visible from anywhere in the room.
  5. TIE IT IN - Ensure your banner is created with the colour schemes and fonts of your company’s other marketing materials for a coherent, professional look.
  6. TAKE THE FIRST STEP - Call Discount Printing on 1300 663 120 or start a live chat to discuss cheap pull up banners.