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Six corporate gifts you must hand out at your next trade show

Every trade show you attend is an opportunity to expand your company’s customer base. And with the right marketing tools, the impact you make can last long after your stall has been packed away. In fact, play your cards right and you can leave a lasting impression on almost every person who walks your way.


One of the easiest ways to do this is with corporate gifts. Each gift you hand out should have your logo and contact information printed on it. That way, each person that walks away with your offering, walks away a potential customer.


Here are some trade show giveaways we can customise for you in a jiffy.


Presentation Folders: Most business owners have a spiel they use when they need to briefly describe what their business specialises in. But it can be hard to cover everything in the detail it deserves, which is why pamphlets and brochures come in very handy – they provide more extensive information that a person can come back to when they have the time. When you hand out multiple slips of paper, however, they become easy to lose. Presentation folders allow all those important company flyers to be stored in one place and handed out as a single item to passers-by. Plus they look sleek and professional.


Notepads: There’s nothing better than giving people gifts they can actually use. Just imagine how many different offices your notepads will find their way into. How many sets of eyes will land on your logo and contact details as notes are hastily scrawled across the page. This is great exposure for your business with minimal effort on your behalf.


Coffee mugs: Mugs sit on desks, kitchen shelves, and in sinks. They make their way into conference rooms during meetings and are carried from kitchens to work stations and back again – multiple times a day. And we all know that people always look up when someone walks past their desk with a hot beverage. Let your logo be the thing they see the moment they tear their eyes away from the computer screen.


Pens and Thumb Drives: Are there any two items on the face of the earth that go missing more often than pens and thumb drives? Maybe socks. Maybe. People use (and share!) pens and thumb drives every single day without fail – they are quintessential office staples. Plus they are compact, easy-to-carry gifts – perfect items to hand out to anyone walking past your stall.


Mouse pads: They sit quietly right next to the computer keyboard – and often right in front of the phone. Need we say more? As your potential customer peruses the web for quotes, compiling a list of companies to contact, what better way to remind them of your presence than by staring them in the face all day, every day?


Whether it’s presentation folder printing you need, banners, business cards – or anything mentioned in this article, Discount Printing has got you covered. We work quickly, so if a tight deadline is casting its dark shadow, let us be the light to drive it away. Give us a call on 1300 663 120, or fill out this online form for a same day quote!