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Put your best food forward with high quality, low cost poster printing

As a restaurant owner, your attention is most likely on these three areas of the business (and approximately a million more):

  • Getting people through your door.
  • Making sure your food is top notch.
  • Getting that food into your customers’ bellies as quickly as possible.

But what if we told you that there is an important point missing from the above list? It would fall in between points two and three, and it is this: Ensuring your customers place their orders in a timely and seamless fashion.

Why does this matter you ask? Well, if your customers place their orders quicker, their whole dining experience plays out in a more efficient manner. That is, the process of entering, ordering, eating, and departing can speed up, which has the potential to result in a quicker turnover of diners and therefore, more foot traffic for your restaurant, as well as a more satisfactory experience for your clientele.

To help your customers reach a decision on what to eat in a timely manner, you could consider listing only one meal on your menu. That way, diners wouldn’t have to make any decisions at all, and that part of the process would be over in less than a tenth of the time it takes to cook a minute steak.

However, considering the fact that people like having a choice of what to eat, a one-item menu probably wouldn’t be good for business. Here’s something that would help customers order quickly and efficiently and therefore could be good for business though: posters showing off your most popular dishes.

Here are four more reasons to print posters for your restaurant:

1. Pictures of food will entice your diners. Perhaps they only wanted one course when they walked in. But that picture of your deep fried ice cream, or sizzling scallops might make them reconsider their stance on that particular decision…

2. If you print a batch of posters, you could put them up around your local area – huge images of your mouth-watering mains may even attract a few newbies.

3. Posters create the right ambience. Pictures of hot meals, fresh produce, decadent desserts, or all three, show your diners that the food you serve is of a high quality, that you are proud of it, and that you can deliver.

4. You can sell your strong points. Does your restaurant specialise in vegan, paleo, or gluten-free fare? Then tell people – feature your top three dishes on a professionally printed poster, and call out what’s special about them.

This is the perfect way to remain in the tastebuds and minds of your customers.

Showcasing the best parts of your restaurant with poster printing needn’t cost ten pieces of medium rare grass-fed Wagyu with a side of Fillet Mignon. Talk to one of our friendly Discount Printing team members about your budget and needs so that they can get you started. Simply call 1300 663 120 for a same day quote.