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Pull Up Banners for Vets

Has your Veterinary Practice introduced new services recently? Do you need to remind your customers about why their pets love visiting you? A pull up banner is just the tool for the job

Why do I need  Pull Up Banners?

A pull-up banner’s large format printing have significant advantages. It helps with reinforcement of a message. For example, “Dental Health Awareness in Pets” or “Vaccination to combat infectious and fatal diseases”. These are useful reminders for pet owners who bring their animals to your clinic.


Pull up banners are also versatile advertising product that can be used indoor and outside. Discount Printing sells pull up banners that are portable – it comes with a carry bag and can be folded away quickly and easily. You can use it at a local community event or fete and look as dependable and smart as a local vet should.

Tips to create a good pull up banner

Discount Printing’s pull up banner sizes are made to 85cm x 200cm. Bleed on a pull up banners is slightly different to other print products.

If you are using photos, make sure they are at least 300dpi resolution and larger than the required size. Enlarging images can cause pixelation or the graphics affecting the quality of the end product.

All images and colours should be converted to CMYK mode to ensure correct colours during print.

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