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Printed Presentation Folders

When any business decides to buy Colour presentation folders, they are making a strong statement about themselves.
This decision reflects your intention to pursue customers in a focused manner where you will have precious information to
share and give to your clients which will be invaluable in forming a strong relationship.

You or your Sales Staff will be going into meetings, all geared up with your oral presentation ready and your printed brochures and letters at the ready, inside your newly printed custom presentation folders.

Long after you have had your meeting, the presentation folder will be the one physical item that remains on your clients desk.
What does it say about your business?

These are the factors which all businesses must consider.
Do you want to be considered as fun, cheap and cheerful? Or maybe you have a product which is really expensive to buy and has a long Sales Cycle and the brand is considered as quite sophisticated and prestigious.

The first thing you must consider, even before the printing is:

1.     Presentation Folder Template

What size do you want the presentation folder to be?

How many sections will there be?

How many pockets will there be and do you want it to have Slits in order to be able to hold business cards?

With regard to the pockets, which hold the printed material you want inside your presentation folders, you must decide if you want the holding pockets to be Interlocking or Glued. Glued pockets are more expensive however they present really well and give an impression of a strong and recognized brand.

2.      Presentation Folder Size and Finishing

Many Businesses want to have a size of A4 Presentation Folders.  What this really means is they want they presentation folder to close at a size that is generally 2cm longer in length and width than a standard A4 size. This ensures all your internal documents will fit properly.

Do you want to have Gloss or Matt Laminated Presentation Folders?  Both finishes will give your presentation folders an extra bit of pizzazz in the marketplace and also protect and strengthen them, providing for a longer shelf life.

3.      Presentation Folder Colour

Lastly you have to choose if you want full colour printing on the outside and inside or just the outside.  This will depend on whether you have a lot of information you want to present on your presentation folders.  If yes, you may want to print on the inside too.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you have around presentation folder design, templates and the most suitable type of finishes.

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