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Poster printing – An earliest form of advertisement


When it comes to large size printing, there is nothing quite as iconic and versatile as the poster. We spot them easily in high traffic areas, we buy them to hang (sometimes framed!) in our homes, and when they are used as promotional material at trade shows and events we love rolling them up to take home.

Posters in the Past, Present, and Future

The poster was one of the earliest forms of advertisement. Early poster sizes influenced the progression of type design and illustrative styles because they were meant to be seen and read from a distance. It’s no wonder that posters from old movies, concerts, and product launches are collected and cherished by people all over the world.

In today’s fast paced world, posters still have a place on our walls and in our hearts. It is quicker and cheaper than ever to print posters, and the quality of our photographs and designs have increased. This means beautiful, memorable posters are within reach for many businesses – not only to hang but to use as products and promotional items as well.

Posters are still meant to be seen from a distance, but are now more than memorable. The right poster design, hanging in the right place, could be snapped and shared on social media – spreading your beautiful printed piece to the digital world. Adding a QR code to your design allows passers-by to not only read your message, but save it or use it to find and bookmark your business for later. The poster endures the pace of our modern, tech-infused lives and will always have a place in promoting businesses, products, and events.

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