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Postcard Printing and Holiday Sales


One of the best printed materials for businesses is the postcard. Often called marketing cards or promo cards, it is the humble champion of small and big companies alike. Impactful, affordable and easy to distribute, they will always be an integral tool for reaching your audience – and this is especially true around the holidays.

Timing Is Everything

People are out more before and during holidays, whether it’s to buy presents, champagne or treats. More traffic in stores and venues means more eyes – and hands – on your promo cards. They have more bags to carry and therefore more places to toss an interesting promo card. The ritual of holiday shopping is never complete without a relaxed sorting session of all the flyers and postcards picked up while shopping.

People are receptive around and during holidays. There’s added excitement in the air from the anticipation of family gatherings and parties. A good holiday offer or sale will not go unnoticed during these times because people are out to prepare for what the holidays will brings – including special events and sales.

Christmas & Boxing Day

Christmas makes December one of the busiest months of the year for shopping. At this time, it’s best to place marketing cards near the register as people are in a rush and may not bend down near a door or notice postcards on a table.

If your business’ demographic contains teenage or young adult customers, extra money from cards and gifts will be in their pockets around Christmas time. You want to let them know that it’s worth spending it at your shop or venue! Other groups of shoppers have a lot to buy and are always on the lookout for sales, and postcard printing can help to make sure they know about yours.

New Year’s Eve

For the hospitality industry, New Year’s Eve is an important night of revelry to capitalise on. People who rarely go out become party-goers and venues are packed. For restaurants, bars and clubs printing postcards for parties is crucial during the weeks leading up to this holiday.

Other Holidays

For shops that sell goods such as chocolates, candies or plush toys, Easter sales and events are great to promote. Print postcards to let parents know that you have great items to put in their child’s Easter basket!

Halloween’s popularity has risen in metro areas. Costume shops and venues can print postcards to alert fans of masquerade to special deals for sales, rentals and parties.

National Holidays are very specific when it comes to any form of advertising. Take care when printing postcards around the time of ANZAC day, Australia Day and the Queen’s Birthday. There are few businesses that can tactfully use these days for advertising. A good rule to follow is – if you’re not 100% sure it’s appropriate, don’t do it!

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