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How Printing has Changed… forever

Printing Has Changed Forever

The age of the internet has changed all our lives in so many ways, From how we socialize with friends
to how we work on a daily basis.

Having access to information immediately on the web has been a real game-changer for humanity and a
massive ‘disruptor’ for the world of business as we have known it.

The World of Offset and Digital Printing is no stranger to the Internet disruption. The Printing Industry
was once full of many trades and crafts which are on the cusp of disappearing and were considered
highly skilled roles in the production process.

Prepress and Screen–making were integral roles long before the advent of the Apple Mac and all the
Software used nowadays in order to make a document Press Ready.

A deal was always agreed and completed with a handshake by two people and quite possibly
a strong whiskey or two. Nowadays it is usually a quick thank you over the phone and delivery happens
two or 3 days later.

Here in Discount Printing, we are constantly of the opinion when our clients want to do some Flyer Printing
and Brochure Printing that the need has never been greater to lift the phone at every opportunity to actually
speak with our customers. We want them to know there is a live and real person available to walk them through
the process of buying their Business Cards. If you want fast printing delivered in 2 days because you have a
conference, you need to talk to someone to achieve this. Searching lots of websites hoping for the best never
matches a conversation with someone else who tells you “No Problem, we’ll have your print delivered x Friday.”

At Discount Printing we like to practice what we call DIFOTIS.
(Delivery in Full, On Time, Is Specification)

for every client, not an automated process which says your print will be delivered on a specific day…
No exceptions.

The Team loves talking about how your Flyers, Brochures and Business Cards need a Design touch-up
and a special Foil or UV Coating on 1 or 2 Sides.

We know you may have a presentation to give on Thursday morning and there is just no alternative but you need
to have your 50 Training Manuals x Wednesday for your attendees.

It seems the more things change in the big world of ‘Online’……… “Well the more Discount Printing adapts…
and also stays the same”.

Remember DIFOTIS Folks, 8am – 5pm every day.   Here to serve you in the world of buying cheap printing.

JP O’Neill
[email protected]

General Manager at Discount Printing