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Cheap DL Cards Printing

DL Marketing Cards

DL Marketing Cards are undoubtedly one of the most important ways in which to capture your customers attention.

Printed on a thick card they tend to have a short life and can have that extra finish when you give them a Gloss or Matt Laminate.

Customers who sell a quality Product or Service understand the value of investing in Cheap DL Cards Printing. Yes it may cost a little more than Printing Flyers, however the return on investment is usually significantly more also, quite simply because of the ‘look and feel’ of the card printing.

Over the years we have seen how our clients have changed in their requirements for DL Promotional Cards. With the age of Digital Printing well and truly upon us, there are many instances where our clients may only want a quantity of 50 or 100 cards for a specific meeting they may be attending. They just don’t need a qty of 1000.

Well now, for the first time, Discount Printing are offering these quantities.

We are also going the opposite way too with the quantities we have online pricing available for. Log onto Discount Printing and you will see we offer Online Print Prices for quantities up to 50,000.  We understand our customers want to make quick decisions and that you have come to trust us for the fact that we will deliver in full on time, in specification, every time.

The Pricing available is also inclusive of GST and Delivery Nationwide, regardless of whether you want printing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Darwin.

Discount Printing have been shipping to all States and Territories 5 days a week for the last 10 Years and all the pricing which is online for our DL Promotional Cards is very competitive.

JP O’Neill
[email protected]

General Manager at Discount Printing