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Brochure Printing for a Medical Practice

Brochures  an often overlooked piece of marketing until you are looking for something. You can find them at most shops, cafes, offices, train stations and even clinics. Though they are always present, you never actually pick one up until you need some information that the brochure is advertising.

Why does a doctor’s clinic need a brochure?

Brochures can carry much more information than a simple flyer. Tell your patients about a new health regime they should undertake. For example “Exercising for mental and physical wellbeing” or “Get the flu shot before the flu shoots you”. These brochure prints can contain useful information that patients may not be aware of but still can benefit.


Brochures are also accessible for display on a countertop or side table. Patients will be able to pick them up to read while waiting to see the doctor and place them in their pocket or handbags to read later.

Tips to create a smart and informative brochure

The most common brochure size is DL or A4 folded into three. Though other sizes could work too, DL is the most common because it works the best.

When creating artwork for your brochure, remember to include 3mm of bleed on all sides.

Use clear, legible fonts, preferably non-script style fonts and make sure they are outlined before sending the artwork to be printed. This will ensure font styles and layout are intact.

Choose a gloss style stock for best photo results and a high shine finish.

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