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Booklet Printing

Booklet Printing

Undoubtedly, Booklet Printing and Catalogue Printing is still one of the most popular forms of advertising
with which to get your Products and Services noticed by potential customers.

Just check out large multi Billion dollar business Chemist Warehouse and Harvery Norman.

These guys are 2 of the biggest retailers in Australia and invest massively in Marketing, through all channels.
For example they are never far away from Online Google Advertising, Footy Sponsorship, Radio and TV Advertising.
They both have their own specific ‘jingle’ which we all have swimming around in our head every day.

Long before these 2 businesses became the behemoth corporate giants they are today, they printed catalogues
and guess what, even today they invest in printing millions of printed Catalogues every week. Why you may
well ask when they are so heavily geared to so many other marketing channels.

Well the answer is really simple, Magazine Printing really works. All of us at some stage or other browse and
flick through various Booklets that are printed x retailers, checking out new styles, trends and pricing.

Booklet Printing is a form of adverting that is real, tangible and has a long shelf life. It will sit on your customers desk
for days, maybe months. It will provide you with lots of room to tell your story, company background and of course
detail all the products you sell.

You may want to get ‘a little bit fancy’ and go for laminated Covers and also consider certain embellishments like
SPOT UV Coating and Silver or Gold Foils.  There is no doubt that the more luxury your products or Service,
the more you should consider investing into your Booklet Printing. It’s obvious you want to impress your clients.

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your Booklets or Catalogues.

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