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Promoting your business with print collateral

Most organisations realise that being the best in the business alone isn’t enough; it’s important to also communicate your strengths and qualities to your target audience, making marketing an important aspect of the business. However, smaller businesses in the market tend to be more reluctant to invest in marketing, since it’s expensive and it’s hard to link them with new sales and increased revenue. The lack of obvious tangible results and sales conversions may make marketing collateral seem like an expensive activity, something that’s best avoided.


However, instead of keeping away from marketing completely, your business can benefit from marketing platforms that are cheaper to invest in and are more cost effective. While TV, radio and billboard ads may be an expensive purchase for small businesses, they can instead use collateral such as print posters, brochures and flyers to promote their business and communicate a variety of messages. Using print marketing collateral ensures you’re commissioning promotional campaigns that stay within the budget and achieve your objectives, since your print order rarely exceeds the initial amount that has been agreed on.


One of the benefits of using print forms of marketing collateral is that you can commission your order with one printer to print collateral such as brochures, print posters, postcards, flyers and more, resulting in a cheaper order due to the increased volume. Additionally, since all collateral is part of the same marketing campaign, the designs will be similar, reducing the cost further. Using the same design also ensures consistency through your campaign which helps reinforce your key messages.


Finally, print marketing collateral can be produced faster than traditional TV and radio ads, hence this is a great approach to use when promoting last minute offers or flash sales, or to communicate information immediately to your target audience. Most of us will be familiar with business changes and announcements being finalised at the last minute, leaving you with little time to communicate the information. While in some cases you’re left with no option but to leave the announcement out of your marketing strategy, this isn’t an option with more important announcements, such as a change in location, ownership or product availability. You may pay a slightly higher price for an urgent order, however this would still be significantly cheaper that other traditional forms of advertising.


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