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Using booklet printing to your business’ advantage

While most information is now easily found online, people continue to rely on hard copy print booklets and other how-to manuals that would guide them and offers solutions to seemingly difficult problems. From cooking books to DIY guides, the demand for booklets continues to remain strong, offering easy accessibility and reliability. Discount Printing offers its customers a range of booklet printing solutions which suit a range of business needs and budgets, and print booklets continue to be a popular product.

Print booklets can also be used to distribute information about your business, or to promote specific initiatives and activities. A good combination of text, images and visuals can be used to communicated information. The use of images and a graphics is important since it helps cluster the information, making it easier to read. Long paragraphs of text can overwhelm the reader and seem like a tedious process to go through, which in turn could intimidate or bore the reader. The use of images works as a great way also to set the tone for the booklet, since they can be used to inform the reader about its subject.

It comes as no surprise then that the popularity of images in booklets has led to the rise of a completely new booklet type – the image booklet, sometimes produced like a coffee table book. In such booklets, pictures are the primary elements, and text may be used in moderation to further describe a picture or provide details about it. Picture booklets can be used to capture the history of an organisation too, since this would provide a visual glimpse into the past. Such books are commonly seen in the fashion and lifestyle industry, with brands using images to document the changes and successes they have seen.

Among how-to booklets, DIY guides and cookbooks are a more common type. These booklets usually comprise a balanced mix of pictures and text, since they are used to provide readers instructions for cooking a dish or assembling a piece of furniture – or any other activity that has a process that must be duly followed. The instructions are then supported by pictures of the process being carried out, and the final product/effect too, since this helps provide readers a visual guide.

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