Standard Business Card Sizes & Dimensions in Australia

If you're new to buying business cards, odds are you won't have much of an idea as to what size of card you should be looking for. Business card sizes in Australia can vary depending on the supplier and style of card, but for a classic business card look, there are standard dimensions to work with.

Standard business card dimensions are 55mm x 90mm


This will provide you with a business card that is sized similar to a credit card or ID, ensuring it fits snugly in your recipient's wallet. Other business card suppliers may vary their business card sizes by a few millimetres, but generally these are the standard dimensions.

Discount Printing business cards are designed using the standard 55mm x 90mm dimensions. If you are looking to buy business cards and would like a quick quote online, we can help. All our business cards are printed on high quality art-board and available with rapid turnaround times.