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Apr 22, 2015

Business cards remain to be an incredibly important and effective tool in networking, marketing your brand and getting your name out there. But just having a business card isn’t enough; you need to know the laws of the land if you want to make sure you’re sending the right message and first impression with yours… Design This one is an obvious one, but still people seem to get it wrong. If you’re not an expert in design, it’s well worth the investment or time to get someone in the know to have a look, but there are a few key […]

Mar 12, 2015

If you’re interested in building brand awareness (which you should be), then logo design should be at the top of your mind (which it obviously is if you’re reading this). There’s a lot of pressure to get your company or organisation’s logo right; how can one little piece of writing or symbol represent everything you stand for? We’ve put together 5 show-stopping tips that will get you on the right track towards creating the perfect, timeless logo design. 1. Colour me happy Most people don’t realise how much power comes with the responsibility of colour choice. It’s not just about […]